Linux Device Drivers Development

Develop customized drivers for embedded Linux
by John Madieu
The cover of Linux Device Drivers Development
3.77/5 on Goodreads
ISBN 9781785280009
Published in 2017
586 pages


Learn to develop customized device drivers for your embedded Linux system

About This Book

  • Learn to develop customized Linux device drivers
  • Learn the core concepts of device drivers such as memory management, kernel caching, advanced IRQ management, and so on.
  • Practical experience on the embedded side of Linux

Who This Book Is For

This book will help anyone who wants to get started with developing their own Linux device drivers for embedded systems. Embedded Linux users will benefit highly from this book.

This book covers all about device driver development, from char drivers to network device drivers to memory management.

What You Will Learn

  • Use kernel facilities to develop powerful drivers
  • Develop drivers for widely used I2C and SPI devices and use the regmap API
  • Write and support devicetree from within your drivers
  • Program advanced drivers for network and frame buffer devices
  • Delve into the Linux irqdomain API and write interrupt controller drivers
  • Enhance your skills with regulator and PWM frameworks
  • Develop measurement system drivers with IIO framework
  • Get the best from memory management and the DMA subsystem
  • Access and manage GPIO subsystems and develop GPIO controller drivers